Die Slow

Convict Julie

"Die Slow" is the latest single by written and produced by Convict Julie with mixing engineering and co-producing by Beatsbykolyo (Kolyo Vanchev). "Die Slow" is a journey through Convict's intimate perspective on the universe and her place in it. Living too fast too young, Convict has found herself in a position where she is understanding the value of life, wanting it to happen at the pace of a burning dim candle instead of an explosion. Filled with highs and lows, the six minutes song touches the vanity of youth, fears of life and death, and wisdom.

Sims House of Sound LLC and Convict Julie would like to personally thank Chris Byron and Nuci's Space, a health and resource center for musicians in Athens, Georgia, for mastering "Die Slow" and welcoming all artists from all walks of life to express themselves safely and have access to music equipment. https://open.spotify.com/album/7hiIMbXer6EHpzmAjWkq9r?si=Vxqi3uSDTnqqubYKQBAt3g


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