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C.S. - A Story That Mattered Viewers will get an in-depth look of what the summer protests looked like, instead of what the media portrayed it as. Instead of violence, “C.S. - A Story That Mattered,” depicts non-violent, peaceful protesting. This piece demonstrates how democracy can be reimagined as a community effort. Throughout summer 2020, the entire Athens, Georgia community came together and pooled resources to help attain necessities during the coronavirus, money for our local mutual aid, and food, clothing, and supplies for our houseless population, who joined us in protest. Democracy is of the people and for the people, where all of our needs and voices matter. “C.S. - A Story that Mattered” shares what a community effort can look like successfully. With the police and elected officials being hands-off, the people were able to come together to delegate roles, organize, and be in solidarity, protecting ourselves and each other, while mobilizing our town. Democracy reimagined should look like the voices of everyone counting. It should entail the people’s choice and the people’s voice being at the forefront of how our communities are served, how funds are allotted, and how we coexist. 313 MB

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February 4, 2022
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"Die Slow" - Convict Julie Releases New Single 

Convict Julie releases a new genre-bending single, highlighting her intimate perspective on the universe and her place in the world. Available everywhere: