Convict Julie's Birthday Gift to the World: "Summer Love" Music Video 

Directed and filmed in NYC by Amelia Ahn, Convict Julie's single "Summer Love" from her 2019 EP "Let's Swim" is now complete with visuals. The weekend before New York City shut down due to the Coronavirus, Convict Julie explored the gloomy and near empty streets of the Concrete Jungle with Ahn and cinematographer Xuelong Mu, shooting a video that is hopeful for what good summer vibes are to come. Dancing freely in her fullest expression, her energy is captured through a blend of 80mm film and 4K to create a nostalgic and modern look of summer memories juxtaposed with the harsh reality of cold weather and isolation due to the pandemic. The song was written when Convict lived in Los Angeles in 2019, but the song and video take on a new meaning in 2020 as the world waits and wishes for a re-do of summer and summer time love. The video brings hope for what is to come in the future once our society heals from the pandemic.